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Commissions are normally generated whenever a customer clicks on one of your affiliate’s links and purchases a product from your eCommerce store. You can then view your eCommerce system’s affiliate commissions by going to Affiliate Marketing > Affiliate Commissions > View Commissions

Manually Adding Commissions
To add a commission manually in your eCommerce system, you can do so in Affiliate Marketing > Affiliate Commissions > Add Commission. On the Create Affiliate Commission page, you can set the following:

  • Status – Set the commission as Pending, Unpaid, or Paid
  • Approved – If you have approved it or not. Only approved commissions are shown in the affiliate payments page.
  • Date Generated – Date when the commission is generated
  • Referred By – The affiliate username who generated this commission
  • Use Group Amounts – If you want to use the referring affiliate’s group amounts set this to Yes
  • Sale Amount – The amount of the sale.  If you are using group amounts, this is the amount used to calculate the group amounts.
  • Commission Amount – If you want to manually set the commission amount if you are not using group amounts.
  • Transaction ID – The transaction ID of the sale
  • Invoice ID – The invoice ID in your eCommerce system that you want to associate this commission to if you want to.
  • Fee – Optional fee to subtract from the commission
  • Notes – Notes for this commission
  • Referring Web Page – Optional referring web page you want to set.

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