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Affiliate Groups allow you to create custom commission plans for your users and your products.  You can assign affiliates to different affiliate groups if you want them to have a different commission rate than the default amount.  You can also assign custom commissions per product for each affiliate group, so that you can have different commission amounts for each product that you sell per group.
Managing Affiliate Groups
To view affiliate groups, click on Affiliate Marketing > Affiliate Groups > View Affiliate Groups.  Click on the Add Affiliate Group button to create a new one. On the Manage Group Details page, enter the following:

  • Affiliate Group Name – Name your affiliate group
  • Affiliate Group Description – Affiliate Group Description
  • Commission Type – Flat Amount or Percentage
  • Commission Amount – Amount of the commission

Assigning Affiliate Groups
To assign a user to an affiliate group, go to the user’s details in Affiliate Marketing > Affiliates > View Affiliates > Edit, under the Affiliate > Affiliate Information tab, set the Affiliate Group.  You can also set affiliate group on the main affiliates page in Affiliate Marketing > Affiliates > View Affiliates and select the check box for the user.  Near the bottom of the page, select the Set Affiliate Group option in the Mark Checked As dropdown field and select the affiliate group you want to assign the selected users to.

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