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eCommerce Suite gives you the option to manage all of your affiliates in the admin area.  To view all of your affiliates.  Click on Affiliate Marketing > Affiliates > View Affiliates. Alternatively, you can view all affiliates in the Contacts > Manage Contacts > View All Contacts section, and those users that have an A in their photo profile are activated as affiliates.
To add a new affiliate, just click on Affiliate Marketing > Affiliates > Add Affliate.  You can also just add a contact in Contacts > Manage Contacts > Add Contact. Once you add the user, you can click on the Activate as An Affiliate button in the contact’s details if he /she is not yet an affiliate.

Affiliate Registration
Your users can become affiliate in two ways.  First, you can automatically make them affiliates when the purchase from your store by enabling the setting in Settings > Marketing > Affiliate Settings > New Users Are Automatically Affiliates. They can also register for an affiliate account on your site by going to the URL:
Where is the path to your eCommerce Suite installation

Affiliate Members Area
As an affiliate, your user will have access to a variety of options in their members area to help them with their promotions.  They can view the following in their members area:

  • Affiliates – affiliates can view their promotional tools like product banners, email ads, and social media links
  • Commissions – they can view the commissions they have generated from their referrals to your store.
  • Reports – Once you enable them, user can view member commission reports here such as sales, commissions, and daily and monthly traffic stats.
  • Downline – For those who use downlines, you can enable this option if you want users to view / email their downline members for network marketing
  • Traffic – Referral traffic stats from customers that click on their affiliate link.

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