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The Site Builder option in eCommerce Suite Hosted gives you the power to create professional-looking web pages.  It is a WYSIWYG builder with options to upload your own photos and use custom fonts, while giving you a variety of prebuilt HTML blocks to choose from.  You can create pages for any of the following through WYSIWYG:

  • Products / Services
  • Articles
  • Feature Pages
  • Pricing Blocks
  • Company Processes
  • Quotes and Testimonials
  • And many more.

Getting Started
To use Site Builder, click on Content Media > Site Pages.  Click on the Use Site Builder button and enter a title and description for your new page.  Once that is done, you will be redirect to the Site Builder page where you can start building your professionally looking web page.

Adding Sections
Click on the + Plus icon on the left side bar to launch Site Builder sections.  Select from a variety of prebuilt content that you can use as the foundation for your new section. Click on one of them and it will automatically be added to the bottom of your page.

Moving Sections
To move a section up and down on your page, hover your mouse on the section and you will see a wrench icon on the right side called Section Settings. You can click on that and a new hover box will appear.  Click on the Move Section links to move this section up, down, top, bottom as you see fit.

 Deleting Sections
To delete a section, click on the Delete icon on the mid right side of the screen when hovering over your section.

Updating Content
To update the content, just click on any area of text or image, and the dialogue box will come up giving you options for that particular content.  You can do various things such as edit text, upload images, set typography settings, etc.

Adding Blocks
If you would like to add more blocks of content to any HTML section, click on the Content Blocks icon on the top left side.  This will show the different prebuilt content blocks that you can drag and drop onto your HTML sections.

Previewing Your Page
Once you are ready, you can Save Page and click on the Preview button to see how it looks publicly on your site.

Home Page

To assign any Site Builder page as your new home page, all you have to do is go to Design Layout > Layout and Themes > Site Layout.  Click on the Home Page tab and set the Home Page Layout as Site Builder.
Now go to Content Media > Site Pages and click on the Home icon on the right side of the site pages area to set that page as your home page.

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