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Your product attributes are actual options you can configure for each of your products.  Each attribute can be added to your products so that your customers can customize and select different options for it.  For example, if you sell dresses, you can create attributes for size and color.  For size, you can create attribute options for small, medium and large while colors can be red, white or blue.

Managing Attributes
To add new attributes, click on Products > Product Attributes > View Attributes. Click on the Create Attribute button to select a new attribute type.

Attribute Types
You can create a variety of attribute types for your products.  eCommerce Suite supports the following attribute types

  • Text – Text field that users can input their information in
  • Text area – Text area field that users can input information in
  • Select – Dropdown field that you can create different options for selection
  • Radio – Radio box for different options for selection
  • Checkbox – Set checkbox if you want to set an option as yes or no
  • File – Allow users to upload specific files when purchasing from your store. For instance, if you need custom images or photos to be submitted by your customers.
  • Image – Selection of images that you can create that users can select from within your product page.

Assigning Attributes to Products
To assign attributes, click on the product you want to update in Products > Manage Products > View Products and select the Attributes tab. Click on Assign Product Attributes to select the attribute you want to assign. 
For options-based attributes, such as select, radio, and image.  The Configure Options for Product section will appear allowing you to further customize the different options for the attribute.  You can set the following.

  • Enable – Enable the specific option or not
  • Image – Click on the image to update to a specific one
  • Option SKU – SKU product ID for this particular product
  • Add Subtract Price – Add or Subtract extra pricing for this option
  • Add Subtract Weight – Add or Subtract weight for this option
  • Add Subtract Points – Add or Subtract loyalty points for this option
  • Enable Inventory – Enable product inventory amounts for this option

Auto Updating Images Based on Selection
You can have the system automatically update the main photo on the product page when someone selects an option.  For select or image-type attributes, you can set the Auto Update Image option in the attribute’s Options tab.

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