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If you have suppliers for different products, you can create them in your eCommerce site.  You can then assign products a supplier, and optionally send an email alert to those suppliers whenever their product is purchased by a customer.

Managing Suppliers
To view and create suppliers, just go to Products > Product Suppliers > View Suppliers.  Click on Create Supplier to add a new one to your system.
On the Manage Supplier page, you can set the name and address of your supplier, set a supplier image and enable the option for sending email alerts to this particular supplier.

Assigning Suppliers to Products
You can assign a supplier to any specific product by going to the products details page in Products > Manage Products > View Products > Edit and go to the Categories > Supplier tab to specify the Supplier Name
Editing the Alert Email Template for Suppliers
If you would like to customize the alert email template that is sent out to suppliers whenever a customer orders their product, you can do so in Email Tools > Email Templates > Admin Templates and edit the Admin Alert Supplier Template.

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