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To create brands in your eCommerce system, just click on Products > Product Brands > View Brands. The brands page will show you all the ones you have in your store.  To create one, just click on Create Brand.
On the create brands page, you can enter the name and description of your brand, as well as upload a brand photo.  You can also set a banner image for the brand’s page if you want one that shows up in the header area.

Assigning Brands to Products
To assign a brand to any product, you can do that through Products > Manage Products > View Products. Select any product checkbox on the left hand side, and in the bottom dropdown where it states Mark Checked As, you can select Add Brand and a dropdown field will allow you to search for tags that you have added in your system. Alternatively, select Remove Brand and you can remove the checked product from that brand,
You can also set a brand in the Update Product page, under Categories tab > Brand > Brand Name

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