Configuring System Email Templates

eCommerce Suite allows you to customize the different emails that are sent out by the system.  These include login details, invoice payments, purchase orders, and more.

You can customize your email templates by clicking on Email Tools > Email Templates.

Admin Templates

The Admin Templates tab lists the email templates that are sent to the administrators of the system. To customize each one, just click on the Edit button.

Member Templates
The Member Templates tab lists email templates that are sent to members and customers of your eCommerce system.  To customize each one, click on the Edit button.

Affiliate Templates
The Affiliate Templates tab lists email templates that are related to your affiliate marketing system. These templates are sent to both administrators and members by type.

Custom Templates
Custom templates can be used when you send mass emails to your internal mailing list.

Template Header
The Template Header section allows you to customize the header and footer of all outgoing emails from your eCommerce system. This is an HTML template that can be edited to show your site details.


Email Queue

The Email Queue shows the current emails that the system has yet to be sent.  This queue is flushed at an interval set by the CRON job when it is run.  By default, we recommend running the CRON job every 5 minutes. If you want to, you can manually flush the email queue immediately by clicking on the Flush Queue button under Email Tools > Email Queue.


Email Archive

The Email Archive shows all emails that have been sent by your web site. You can prune the email archive anytime in Email Tools > Email Archive.

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