What are Modules?

Modules are eCommerce components that help extend the functionality of your eCommerce Suite. These modules are separated into the following module categories:

  • Admin Reporting – These modules show the reporting options you have for the admin area.  Reports for commissions, sales, invoices, and support tickets are readily available
  • Affiliate Marketing – These modules are tools that your affiliate marketers can use for promoting your eCommerce store and affiliate program.  Modules such as banners, email ads, as well as social media sharing are shown here
  • Affiliate Payments – Modules that are used for paying affiliate commissions.  Pay your affiliates via Paypal, Check and Dwolla payments
  • Data Export – Module for exporting data
  • Data Import – Module types for importing data into your eCommerce system
  • Mailing Lists – Third party mailing list modules you can enable.  These can be used if you want your customers to be auto subscribed to these lists.
  • Member Reporting – These modules show the reports available to be shown in the members area.  This allows your members to view their stats and reports for affiliates, commissions, and sales.
  • Payment Gateways – Payment modules are used for allowing your customers to pay for your products in your eCommerce site.  Options like Stripe, Paypal, 2Checkout and more are available for you to use and enable on your site.
  • Shipping – Shipping modules allow you to set shipping options for your physically shipped products. You can enable Flat Rate shipping, Unit Based shipping, and UPS / FedEx / USPS shipping through EasyPost here.

Viewing eCommerce Modules
To view your eCommerce modules, click on Settings > Manage Modules.  This will list the different module types and the ones that you have installed in your eCommerce system.

Installing and Activating Modules
To activate your modules, click on Settings > Manage Modules. Select the module category on the left-hand side.  You can then install / activate / deactivate any module listed on the right side.
To install a new module, you can click on the Upload Module to upload a new module to your site.
To view other modules available, visit our community at https://community.jrox.com

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