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Before Installing the eCommerce Software, make sure that your web hosting account has met all the necessary system requirements before installing.
Download the Software
If you are doing a self-hosted installation, please make sure you have downloaded a copy of the software to your computer.  You can then unzip and upload the files to your hosting account.  If you do not know how to do this, let us know at and we can help install it for you.
Setup Your MySQL Database
You must create a MySQL Database on your hosting account / server for eCommerce Suite to use.  You usually do this via your hosting control panel such as cPanel, Plesk or GoDaddy.
Make when you create your database, you have the following details on hand:

  • The name of your database server, usually ‘localhost’
  • The name of your database
  • The username that will access your database
  • The password for your username

Database Permissions
When creating the database ensure you have set all the permissions for your user. This is required for the eCommerce software to run properly.
Web Based Installer
Once you have finished uploading the files to your hosting account and created the MySQL database, you can then run the web-based installer to continue.

  • The URL for the installer can be access at: (if you uploaded the software on your root / home folder) (where JES is the folder where you uploaded the eCommerce files
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to continue with the installation.

In certain installations of PHP, you may need to change the permissions on the following files to world writable (chmod 777).  If you get an error saying so, please change the permissions for the following files to 777:

Once you are done installing, you can then change the permissions back for those files to 644 or 444, so they cannot be overwritten.
Admin Login
Once you finish the web-based installation process, you will be able to login the admin section of your eCommerce Suite and configure it to your desire.

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