Updating a Contact

You can update a contact by clicking on the Contacts > Manage Contacts > View All Contacts option from the left hand side menu.

Click on the Edit button to view a specific contact's details.



The Update User section will show 5 different tabs, all representing different areas of the user contact's details:

  • Overview - Shows some basic information for the user, like name, email, affiliate link, and affiliate tracking data
  • Profile - Shows the User's Personal Account Info, Social Media links, Profile Images, and Site Permissions
  • Addresses - Shows the different mailing addresses the user has
  • Affiliate - Shows the affiliate information for this user as well as the alerts for them for the affiliate marketing system
  • Groups - Set the default discount, blog and mailing lists for the contact.

The Update User page also shows the user's recent interactions with your system, such as recent invoices, tickets, commissions, notes, emails and subscriptions.


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