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eCommerce Suite supports currency conversion so that your customers can view currency equivalents when purchasing from your store.  You can set your default currency to use on your site by going to Localization > Currencies. Click on Set Default for the currency you want to use.

Managing Currencies
You can add a new currency to use if it is not listed by clicking on Add Currency in the Localization > Currencies page.  You can also edit each currency for the code, value and formatting as you see fit.

* Note:  When you set a specific currency as default, your eCommerce system will auto update the other currencies with the current market rate for that currency’s equivalent value using a currency server. This URL is set under /application/config/custom.php under the currency_rate_server setting.

To add a new currency, just click on Localization > Currencies > Add Currency

Enter the following fields and click on Save Changes

  • Currency Name
  • Value
  • Code
  • Symbol Left
  • Symbol Right
  • Decimal Point
  • Thousands Point
  • Decimal Places


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