Automation Settings

API Access

  • If you want to use the API, you can click on the Generate API Keys button to generate new keys
  • API Restrict to IP Addresses – Restrict API access to specific IP Addresses

            CRON Job

  • Cron Transaction Log Interval – Set the amount in days to prune transaction log data
  • Cron Expired Subscriptions Interval – Set the amount in days to cancel subscriptions that are expired
  • Generate New Invoices X Days Before – Generate invoices a certain number of days before it is actually due
  • Cancel Unpaid Invoices After Days – Cancel unpaid invoices after certain number of days if they are not paid
  • Send Cron Debug Reports – If you want to see the Cron job tasks run, you can enable this, and a debug report is sent to the alert email you set in the Security tab
  • Cron Tasks – You can enable / disable each task manually if you want them to run.
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