Support Settings

Help Desk

  • Enable Support Tickets
  • Support URL Redirect – If you want to use a different help desk, you can set the URL for it here
  • Enable Support File Attachments – Allow members to upload support file attachments
  • Set the support attachment upload path, the file types, and the maximum size
  • Enable Auto Close of Tickets – Auto close tickets that have no replies after certain number of days


  • Enable Knowledgebase articles
  • If you want to allow instant answers whenever someone is submitting a support ticket, you can enable this and eCommerce Suite will try and search through your knowledgebase articles that can match the question the user is submitting


  • Enable the Simple Forum
  • Moderate Forum Topics – new topics will be put in moderation and must be approved before it shows up publicly.
  • Enable BBCode – If you want to allow BBCode, enable this option
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